Electric Four Wheeler

Electric Four Wheeler


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If you simply love getting out and about and living with complete independence, then one look at the Abilize Ranger Mobility Scooter should be all it takes to convince you that this is the scooter you need. This sporty and stylish and completely solid model will take you anywhere you want to go.

The Ranger is truly an all-terrain mobility scooter. A swivel captain's seat with seat sliding mechanism, back angle adjustment and height adjustment helps you to find the comfiest driving position. Oil-dampened front and rear suspension protects you from bumpy terrain and saves you from aches and pains, and those large 16'' (40.6 cm) alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres grip the road for the smoothest of rides. The ground clearance of 5'' (12.7cm) helps you beat any high thresholds too.

And with all that comfort on offer, you'll really fancy taking some long-distance journeys. Good thing then that the Ranger houses an impressive 800w motor and 75Ah battery, offering 31 miles (50km) of travel at a top speed of 8mph (12.8kmh).

The wigwag lever keeps you in control: simply pull the left-hand drive lever to go forwards and pull the right-hand lever for reverse. It couldn't be easier.

You'll find a high-low speed switch on the control panel too, allowing you to effortlessly move between pavement and road speeds. The Ranger also includes a handbrake as well as electro-mechanical brakes to safely bring you to a stop.

The Abilize Ranger Mobility Scooter puts the latest technology at your fingertips, with an LCD control panel providing all the information you need. Speed, temperature, battery level, diagnostics and hazard warning lights are all present, with backlit LCD controls too. Fully functioning indicators and adjustable twin rear view mirrors also offer visibility as you travel.


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